Amazon's Surveillance Powered Convenience Store

Have You Visited Amazon’s Surveillance Powered Convenience Store?

Imagine going to a store to make purchases and all you need to do is, walk in, take what you need and go! As crazy as that may sound, Amazon’s Surveillance Powered Convenience Store has made such an attempt to redefine the world of retailing by providing cashless and a cashierless store!

Well before you get any ideas, you should know that there are Amazon employees present in the store. So any attempts to shoplift are immediately nipped in the bud. Incredibly, they have taken measures to ensure high security in the store.

Before getting into the store, you have to go through a gate which is accessible to you once you scan a QR Code that is generated by the Amazon Go app which you must have installed on your phone. Once you are cleared, and you get into the store, your account which is linked to your physical presence activates cameras which commence tracking of your movements in the store.

As crazy as this may sound, there are so many cameras installed in the premises of the Amazon’s Surveillance Powered Convenience Store that it will be downright impossible to avoid detection and any sudden moves in the store. How can all these cameras be maintained?

The images captured from these cameras are sent to a central system as it were, which does the real work of accurate and precise identification of different people in the store and objects being picked up or held therein. Picking something up adds it to your “virtual shopping cart,” and you can pop it in a tote or shopping bag as fast as you like.

No matter the number of people present, the cameras are ever busy and ready to see everything that goes on in the store. In the event of a technical problem with a camera or the lens getting blurry, the system doesn’t break down completely.

Interestingly, the shelves in the Amazon’s Surveillance Powered Convenience Store have weight sensors and the exact weight of every item on the shelves is known by the central system. Even shoplifters will have a very difficult time comprehending how to beat the technology in this store.

While there are no cashiers, the tore still have staff such as stickers who will certainly have to replace finished products in the shelves, a person who checks Identity cards, and someone who answers customer enquiries and helps them with issues on their apps.

However, purchases made are tracked on your Mobile App and not on your Amazon account.

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On the whole, this is a very unique and beautiful innovation for persons who are interested in shopping in style instead of the conventional pattern of shopping as we already know. Still, woe betides anyone who attempts to steal any products in one of the most secure stores on earth, Amazon’s Surveillance Powered Convenience Store.

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