The Giant Company Apple Upgrades Its App Store Design

Every now and then, there is a very vital need to make adjustments in the presentation of business programs to millions of people. Upgrades can easily be made to the logo, the website, the functionality and style of services rendered by a company to its customers. This time it’s the apple app store.

Mobile phone giants, Apple have recently made some major upgrades to the look and experience the Apple App Store provides to its millions of users around the world.

A closer look at its new intricate design gives it the feel of the iOS 11 App Store, which the company completely redesigned and reintroduced last September. However, there is no much focus on the discovery of apps as is available on iOS 11.

Apple App Store

While the functionality is the same as before, it is clear that Apple wanted to create a simpler, and more distinct design that is clutter free – possibly by increasing the amount of white space on the pages. In this new set up, the redesigned Apple App Store lays more emphasis in providing reviews of products available on the store.

Where an app is optimized for iPhone X, Apple has designed the store in such a way that it now just indicates iPhone X screenshots instead of screenshots from older phone models as it previously did. The App Store also provides you with reminders on the availability of the apps therein for only iOS devices.

Looking closely, you get the feeling that the company wanted to cut down on the amount of information on the App Store. The previous version allowed for the description of apps you intend to download to be visible on the top of the screen. The new design simply puts it below the screenshots area.

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While the former look also allowed for ratings and other information on the site by the left corner of the screen, the new look takes it off entirely thus giving the entire screen a more refined and polished look. So why not check out the new look and feel of the Apple App Store and make your own assessment!

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