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It was recently discovered that most people find their soulmates on social media. In Nigeria for example, news had it that a couple who got married a week after meeting on Facebook. Facebook dating goes to show the potential that social media has for bringing love to users.

While many people have found love on social media, there are so many social media sites dedicated to helping people find their soulmates. Examples of such dating sites include Tinder, eHarmony, 2go among others. These sites are solely created for dating purposes and relationship building between users who are interested in each other.

Facebook Dating

Facebook is one unique social media site which supports over two billion users. That being the case, the possibility of meeting your soulmate on this platform is very high. As a side note, the world is just about 7 Billion persons and 2 Billion are on facebook. Just do the math.

How To Start Facebook Dating

While a lot of persons may be used to other social dating platforms for dating, which allows you to matchmake your interests with someone else who has similar interests, Facebook is a very different kettle of fish. Facebook mainly serves the purpose of socially connecting people and not for dating purposes. It accordingly has some procedures of its own in terms of socialization and connection patterns.

To enjoy the benefits of Facebook dating, we encourage you to follow the following steps and procedures:

Step 1: Ensure You Have A Clean Profile

It is important to note that first impression matters. You should be sure that the pictures and information on your profile are and would be appealing to those who see your profile. People will only like the good they see in your profile. So refrain from the use of images that will portray you in a negative light.

Step 2: Be Friendly

If you hope to get a good soulmate, you most certainly have to be polite and friendly. Of course, this can attract and draw you closer to a person on Facebook. Where for instance you see the image of a pretty lady or a handsome guy on your Facebook acquaintances’ page, you could share some compliments on their good looks, and find out more about them. In time, you can even send the person a friend request and your friend could do a little introduction for you both. Obviously, your good nature would help your friend put in a good reference for you to their friend and your relationship would be off to a wonderful start.

It is important that you take things easy. Try to develop a chaste relationship with them, after which you may even ask them out on a date. It is important you don’t rush this step as some could misinterpret your actions and you end up scaring them away from you. All it will do in the end is portray you as a desperate and sick person.

Even if your request for a date is turned down, there is nothing wrong with ensuring your dignity is intact and making efforts to avoid being overbearing and needlessly persistent.

Purpose Of Facebook Dating Group

There are various dating groups on Facebook. The essence of these forums is to bring like-minded individuals interested in relationships to easily find like-minded persons in such forums to begin a relationship.

Of course you have to be careful of forums you go into as not all dating groups may have the same purposes or perspectives of dating you may have. So next time you see or are invited to a relationship group on Facebook, be observant before joining them. Ultimately, you just may find that special one on Facebook.

Very Important Note: Social media or facebook dating is not the best way to find a mate. Not everyone is who they claim to be on social media. There are lots of risks associated with Social media dating. There have been reported cases of abuse, kidnapping, rape, and fraud through this means, Hence the need to exercise extra care when dating on social media.

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