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How To Make Facebook Video Call On Android, iOS And Personal Computer

Do you have loved ones like families, friend, and colleagues in the office – where ever in the world that you are missing? you do not have to feel that way anymore with Facebook video call or chat, which can help us reduce the level at which we feel we miss these people a lot.

Facebook social media has gone a long way to making our social life easy and fun as they keep coming up with more ingenious ways to make our lives in social media more fun and interesting.

Facebook video chat or Facebook video call was designed specially to bring us closer to our friends and family even when they are thousands of miles away from us.

Benefits of Facebook Video Call

  • You Don’t Have to Travel: The Facebook video call has come to help you save cost, time and risk. Do you miss that friend or family member so much? Do you really need to need to meet with that business partner? You do not need to go all the way to China when you can just make a video call from your location. With good internet devices such as smartphone, PC, Tablets, you can have a clear discussion on the Facebook video call.
  • Conference Video call: You can have a wonderful conference meeting or discussion with your team even when you are not together. You can create a group page link which you can use to invite them and start the conference meeting.
  • Manage your mobile workers: If you are the kind of business person who has the workers always mobile. No need to run around the city trying to monitor them. Simply leverage this Facebook feature and manage your mobile worker from your comfort zone.
  • Show things live: This is more of advantage to the business people, most especially those who do buying and selling. With Facebook video chat you have saved yourself the cost and risk of going down to your clients or customers to show your samples. You can simply show them on video whatever it is you have for them via the Facebook video call.
  • Facebook video chat is FREE: As long as you are subscribed to the internet, video chatting or Facebook video calling is completely free. Unlike many other platforms where you are asked to pay for online video calling services.

There so many other benefits which you will discover while you frequently make use of the Facebook video call.

How To Use Facebook Video Call On PC

For those who prefer to do Facebook video call on their PC, like those who work in the office, there are some steps you have to know of chief among which is the fact that you must, of course, be a Facebook user. If you are not, you will have to create an account to be enabled to use this app.

Step1. You have to sign into your account first by typing on the link www.facebook.com on the address bar of your browser.

Step 2. Search for your friend who you want to do the video call with online. There on your friend’s page below the cover Photo, you will find “Message”. Click on it and it will bring up a chat box for you.

Step 3. You will find a ‘plus’ “+” sign on the chat box and then a video camera Icon. Simply tap on it to begin the video chat.

How To Use Facebook Video Call On Mobile device

Facebook video call on an Android device, iOS devices or Tablets is completely different from that on Personal computers.

Note: Its always better you download the Facebook Messenger App on your mobile for more flexibility. You can download from Google play store or iTunes store

Step1. First, to begin, you must install the Facebook Messenger app by kindly visiting Google play store for the Android user and iTunes store for Apple users.

Step2. Launch the Facebook Messenger App and sign in. Search for your friend and when it comes up tap it to open a chat page for you. At the top of the chat page you will find a video camera icon, tap it and here we go trying to reach your friend on the video call.

Facebook Group Video Call

Some time ago Facebook never had the group video chatting online feature. Some people know that the video call has been updated but have no idea how to use it. Well, below are the steps to follow to use the Facebook group video call.

Step1. Once you are signed in as usual, just at the top panel of the where you have your name, Click on the message button.

Step2. On the drop-down, just at the top, you will find “New Group” option. Click on it to create new group (Select the group of friends amongst your friend list who you want to call). After then, the chat box will display click on the video camera icon to call all of them at the same time.

Note that there is always a green dot beside your friend’s name just indicating your friend is online. But in a situation where you don’t find it simple know your friend is not available and you can’t reach him or her.

It’s really fun being able to see your loved ones as you speak to them especially when you are unavoidably away. It also helps you to be more efficient and manage your time wisely when using it for business. Why not try it out today!


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