All-ELectric Powered Supercar

Ferrari Plans To Develop An All Electric Powered Supercar

In the Auto World, various companies have come up with innovative methods of building vehicles that not only run on petrol. While there are various advancements in this field, many have created vehicles that run on solar energy, while others use electricity (All-Electric Powered Supercar) and very soon one may even run on water.

Interestingly, top vehicle manufacturer, Ferrari is currently working on building a customized all-electric powered supercar that will simply be in a class of its own. However, other car companies such as Fiat Chrysler are also making plans to not only build their first all-electric powered supercar as well but to apparently build and showcase it’s first electric Sports utility vehicle (SUV) as well. According to the CEO, Sergio Marchionne, the SUV should be unveiled in either 2019 or 2020.

While commending fellow car manufacturers such as Tesla for their laudable plans, Mr Sergio expressed his belief that the building of an all-electric powered supercar is something all car manufacturers can also achieve. Even though the plans are still far from coming to fruition at the moment, he expressed optimism by stating that work had already commenced on the construction of hybrid Ferrari vehicles before delving into the world of electric vehicles.

Though it is still early to imagine what an all-electric vehicle would look like in future, it is still interesting to know that this hitherto uncharted territory is now gaining recognition in the sights of auto manufacturers around the globe. Perhaps with worldwide concerns looming over the steady decline and reduction in oil revenue and oil products, it would be a good initiative if car manufacturers can key into this unique field of car power.

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Considering that electricity is available in most countries in the world, this would be a welcome development as many will be able to easily power their vehicles at home before going to their various destinations. The advantages are there and so will the disadvantages. Still, there is so much to look forward to in the world of vehicles in the nearest future

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