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Google Makes New Move To Create Its Own CPU

Google has just entered into business talks with HTC for the production of over 2000 units of integrated circuit designers and even headphone for users of microchips which can even be used in mobile devices. The new Google CPU is all about that.

While explaining the importance of this initiative. The purpose of this plan is mainly to ensure autonomy over the resultant or subsequent products. This would also ensure more control over the product on the part of the company.

This new Google CPU and hardware production will even open the way for a healthy rivalry between the company and top-end mobile manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung.

After making series of mistakes in regard to their Pixel 2 smartphone and the Nexus powered line, Google had already sought the help of high-end manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, and others in the designing of the Nexus and Pix3l smartphones. Work is already underway as designs have begun on the imaging processor which is expected would boost the intellectual capacity of the company. This deal is expected to boost the morale of the company.

There are indications that Google plans to enter in the production of their own hardware for artificial intelligence based systems and virtual headset market. Interestingly,  HTC is already a leader in the headset market. Apple has already begun their plans to replace the microprocessors which are currently ARM-based.

Recently, the ability to process graphics was also developed which costs a fortune in terms of the graphics processing technology supplies and imagination tech so much. The company requires that the products would be a very serious investment. It would also mean that the smartphones would be more popular with users than the Pixel and Pixel 2 products already in existence.

Before now, Google had actually produced a product called Pixel Visual view which is a chip that functions as the A11 Bionic produced by Apple or the Exynos produced by Samsung. Whatever the case, there are high expectations as the new Google CPU would help to save costs and time in producing and releasing their own indigenous hardware processing products. They will also be able to control security and other software matters.

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