How Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone

How Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone? – Learn How To Find A Lost Phone – Android, iOS or Windows

A few decades ago it would’ve been ridiculous to ask the question How Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone? But not so today. Thanks to the world of tech. The trends in digital technology have now made it relatively easy to track and find a lost or stolen smartphone. So when your phone is stolen, it could very well be found.

There are usually many things you could’ve done to prevent your phone from getting lost, but things happen and it does happen to everyone. Either way, forget the could’ve would’ve should’ve, this article here is devoted to answering the question, ‘how can I track my lost cell phone?’
You can learn how to find a lost phone or tablet, not just any phone though, but a smartphone running on Android, iOS or windows.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft, which are the three major smartphone platform providers now include a phone retrieval technology in their devices. This makes it easier to track and find your stolen or lost device.


  • This technology works through the account associated with the device. For Android that would be google account, for iPhones, it is your icloud account, and for windows, it is your Microsoft account.
  • Your location status must be turned on (usually on by default).
  • The device must be on.
  • It must have an active internet connection.

How Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone

To Track An Android

You can track your android device either through the find my device app or through a web browser directly.
Download and install the ‘find my device’ app from google playstore. There are many such apps on the store but install the one developed by ‘google inc’.

Or if you prefer to use the web, log in to googles android device manager
As soon as you are logged you will see a screen similar to thisHow Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone
The map shows you the location of your device with some degree of accuracy.
You will also have other access to other features.

Other Features

Play Sound: This feature, when clicked will make your device ring at highest volume for up to 5 minutes regardless of whether the phone is set to vibrate or is in silent mode. This is important because your ‘missing’ phone may very well be close to you and the location feature is an approximation and not 100% accurate.

Lock: This feature allows you to remotely lock your device. When you click on it, you will be required to enter a new password. Even if the phone is being used it’ll be locked immediately you activate this feature and your data will become inaccessible to the person. You will need to enter the password you just created to unlock your device when found. Be sure to enter a password different from the one used on your device.

Erase Device: You can use this feature if to a reasonable degree of certainty you feel that your phone is gone for good. It immediately forces a factory data reset to protect your personal information. Note that this erase feature won’t delete data on memory card.

Aside from the location feature all other features will work even if the location settings on your phone is not enabled.

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To Find A Lost Windows Phone

If the device you’ve lost is a windows phone it is also very easy to track as has been explained for Android above.
You will just need to login to Microsoft devices page, then once logged in you click on ‘find my device’.How Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone
All the devices associated with that Microsoft account will be displayed and you can get their location. You will also be able to wipe out all data on the device or lock it remotely if you so wish.

To Find A Lost iPhone

This is very easy as well. It also allows you access to more features remotely. All you need to do is launch the ‘find my iPhone’ app on another iPhone. The app is pre-installed on every iOS device. Once you login you will be able to locate your missing iOS devices, including iPod, iPad, and Mac. Just like with windows and android you can be able to locate, erase and send a message to your iOS device.

You can also simply log in to your icloud account and use the ‘find my iPhone’ feature.

More Useful Tips

In addition to these, apple also has another form of security called the activation lock that helps to keep your iPhone safe from theft.

So, the question, How Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone? is not as far fetched as it may have sounded a few decades ago. It is easy and becoming common to track lost smartphones these days.

A word of caution: Please do not try to retrieve your device yourself always contact the police so they can do their job. Your safety is always more important.

Yes, it is easy to find your missing devices as explained above. Just send us a message if you need any clarification or drop your comments below.

7 thoughts on “How Can I Track My Lost Cell Phone? – Learn How To Find A Lost Phone – Android, iOS or Windows”

  1. Wow, I’m loose my phone or forget where I put it at least once a day on a good day so I was pretty stoked to see that now a phone can be tracked. Yes, I have also lost phones never to be found again ever – at least by me. Nowadays our mobile phones a pretty important to us as its multi multi-functions can do so much for us these days, so I am getting this one.

  2. “Touch wood” I’ve never ever had my smartphone stolen. But I have misplaced my Samsung on many occasions either in friends cars or in the homes of family members.

    Even sometimes during the next morning after a drunken night out on the town, I’ve searched my house from top to bottom in search of my phone, only to realize I’ve placed it somewhere right under my nose lol.

    I think phone trackers are exactly what we need because they will certainly also benefit people like me who are careless.

    The technology can save so much time and frustration, in my opinion.

    I’m definitely downloading your recommended phone app for my android. Thank You very much.

    Neil 🙂

  3. Hi Collins

    I am from South Africa and we do have one of if not the highest crime rates in the world. I myself have been robbed twice before and both times my phone was taken from me and thanks to the find my Iphone feature I was able to track and find both of them, however, I did not know about the activation lock where you can wipe your phone remotely of all the data, and thanks to your article learned that it is enabled automatically when you turn on find my Iphone, cool and thanks.

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