Intels Chip Security Issue

Reports Indicate Intel Notified Chinese Companies Of Chip Security Issues Before It Did The Us Government

Tech company INTEL may be in the news for the wrong reasons as new information surfaced online recently indicating that there were some serious chip security issue in their hardware systems and they equally failed to disclose same to the United States Government.

The Wall Street Journal made a report indicating that Intel had alerted some of its customers about the chip security issue with their processors, referred to as Meltdown and Spectre. However, the United States government was not part of the customers who were alerted to this problem. Included among those notified were some Chinese companies that specialize in technological matters.

While defending the position of the company, a spokesperson indicated that while they made plans to notify each of their customers, they were strongarmed because the news had already become public information before they could do anything about it.

The company has made frantic efforts to respond on this issue in due time. Most companies usually alert their major users to flaws before making public disclosures to enable the company contain and carry out fixtures of their own before time. The idea behind this is that when the time is right to make such public disclosures, the company already has a solution which would serve as a palliative measure to contain nice feelings among those customers.

On the part of INTEL, the problems of Meltdown and Spectre is a delicate bone to handle as customers can easily be affected negatively and to calm them down, the company will have to resort to immense efforts to tackle the situation and return everyone to normalcy with their product range.

Intel is taking a unique albeit precarious approach to this matter. While it is a very delicate decision to make in regard to deciding who to inform about the problems discovered, it can be a source of serious risk to customers should the news of these problems become widespread information later on. Quite interestingly, the company had just made formal reports of its quarterly earnings a week ago. As a result, the company’s stock rose to about 10% even while the news was still coming in piecemeal.

In a statement, Krzanich Brian the company CEO stated that the company recognized the fact that there was serious work to do despite progress already recorded. He mentioned the decision of the company to be open, and keeping their customers abreast of progress made and as a result build trust with its client base. For the company, security is its priority and it is the essential fabric of that company’s business activities.

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The focus according to the CEO is to bring serious changes to the company’s future products which will tackle the current chip security issue hardware problems totally. He admitted that the circumstances were quite dynamic, and regular updates would be made in tackling evolution of the said threats as well as ways to contain them further.

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