DJI Latest Drone, The Mavic

Leaked Photos Of Dji’s Latest Drone Surfaces Online – The Mavic Air

There is so much to look for in the year 2018. From car manufacturers to companies building mega structures and expanding their scope of interests, others in the field of technology are making drones. However, as is always expected, the release of certain products in set dates can always meet with some glitches resulting in the products being paraded in the public domain.

That is the current situation of the tech company,  DJI who have just announced the launch of a new drone, the Mavic Air, tomorrow. However, the said drone and it’s new look have already been leaked into the public domain. Either way, we bring you a peek into the look and design of this unique product.

The drone is called Mavic Air which appears to be a combination of a foldable Mavic Pro and a bit inexpensive Spark.

Providing more sketchy details about the product, DroneDJ explained that the little drone has four flexible legs, a 4k camera, 3-way gumball and a system for obstacle avoidance. However, the cost and other details of this product will be made available tomorrow at the event.

DJI Latest Drone

Still, this product. the Mavic Air seems to carry specifications a lot of people would want from a small drone. Even though Spark is one of the best and inexpensive drones available in the tech world, the product has so many rooms for improvement. With the release of this new product, the Mavic Air, it is expected that it will serve as a worthy replacement of the Spark.

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In any case, this new device is something to look forward to in the world of drone technology. More details into the product will be made available in due course.

In the meantime, measures should be taken by companies to tackle incidents of leaked products flooding the market before the due date products are scheduled to arrive.

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