In a bid to contribute its quota toward tackling the issues of traffic congestion in the country, automobile giants, BMW Group have just purchased Parkmobile application that enables persons with parking guidance and services to identify spaces in garages around North America. While already possessing a minority share in the company, the Group expanded its investments to a majority share and now have ownership of the Parkmobile LLC based in Atlanta Georgia.

Parkmobile application

Rising traffic congestion has become a menace in large metropolitan areas across the globe. It is really commendable to see giant corporations like BMW taking steps toward reducing traffic congestions in big cities. It has been known that vehicles looking for where to park are a large part of the cause of traffic congestion. Just imagine drivers stopping and starting their cars 33,240 times a year due to traffic congestion. It is really disturbing. So we can say with admiration that the step taking by BMW to curb traffic congestion by purchasing Parkmobile application, is a step in the right direction.

This move by BMW Group will make it grant a large percentage of the company in the United States Parking services clime, as the use of this app is available in over 300 cities, among which is Phoenix, New York City, Philadelphia among others. BMW Group will make giant strides with this development as they already have a reputable Mobility Services Portfolio, which is still a virgin area as few automakers have an interest in this area.

The ultimate aim of this will be to tackle the ever-increasing problem of traffic in major cities. BMW Group advances the argument that about 30% of traffic problems in major cities is due to drivers seeking suitable parking lots, especially in little-known areas. This Parkmobile application, however, has reduced the time and energy it takes users to get good spots for parking their vehicles.

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It is hoped that in time, BMW Groups ownership of the Parkmobile application will see them inserting this service into their vehicles to aid the process of seeking parking lots and ultimately, reducing traffic-related issues to the barest minimum.

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