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Peugeot Working On Lineup Of All-Electric Vehicles In 2025

While many companies are strategizing on building their first electric vehicles or supercars, European car giants, Peugeot are currently working on plans to build a whole lineup of hybrid and electric powered vehicles to be launched in 2025!

According to the chief executive officer, Carlos Tavares, he said plans are underway to produce unique and autonomous electric powered vehicles with some exotic driving features. It was also indicated that the company is working on a grand comeback into the United States car market. Part of the plans includes the fact that in 2030, the lineup of vehicles will offer partial autonomous driving features on about 80 percent of the products. Incredibly, plans are underway for about 10 percent of the cars to be imbued with full self-driving operational features.

Considering that Peugeot has been out of the United States car market for over two decades now, the plans of the company currently are indeed laudable goals and quite ambitious, to say the least. In providing some insight into the plans of the company, the CEO explained that the goal was to make a comeback using vehicles made by other company brands, before then putting out its own cars in service in similar capacities. Finally, the ultimate plan would be for Peugeot to sell its own vehicles to consumers as a final move.

The plans of Peugeot to create an all electricity powered lineup of products shows the company is keeping up with the current trend of many auto companies who are now trying to break into this hitherto uncharted territory. In fact, it would be safe to say that any car manufacturer that is now at the moment towing the line of offering electric vehicles and hybrid model vehicles at this time is actually behind the trend at this moment in time.

Ferrari Plans To Develop an All-Electric Powered Supercars

PSA’s autonomous goals are perhaps the most ambitious aspect of the strategy laid out by Tavares the CEO. Wel l, though the company recently began moves for an autonomous pilot program in France with AImotive, it has done other work with various companies including Nutonomy, which is now part of self-driving technology provider and legacy tier 1 automotive supplier Aptiv.

We already have hybrid vehicles today. Electric powered vehicles are the next trend of luxury in the world of automobile.

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