Unata Acquired by Instacart – Grocery Shopping Made Easy

In the world of shopping, many companies have made giant strides in changing the face of grocery shopping. Companies such as Instacart have gained a steady reputation for making online shopping convenient and much easier for customers. How about making a solid partnership with other companies that can help you reach your goals?

Unata buys Instacart

Toronto-based company Unata has just been acquired by Instacart, a reputed grocery platform known for linking consumers to grocery stores easily. Unata is a white-label grocery platform that enables shoppers irrespective of location to create websites for consumers to make purchases or orders online for groceries of their choice. Their product also enables consumers with coupons, push notifications, purchase tracking among others. The company plans to retain its operation as an independent subsidiary of Instacart with their own brand name, while their headquarters still remains in Toronto.

Unata has reportedly raised a total of $2.7m while still providing digital storefronts for over 1300 locations nationwide. The main focus of Instacart is the growth of both consumers and grocery stores. Steadily advancing from 30 to 170 markets in 2017, the company, a lot of companies have taken a cue and decided to establish their own online grocery stores. For instance, it was reported that Target and Kroger are currently making bids for the purchase of Shipt and Boxed in deals worth  $550m and $500 respectively.

It is expected that with this investment by Instacart in purchasing Unata, this will help Unata to steadily make advancements by providing convenient, accurate and affordable shopping experiences to its customers. Interestingly, Instacart has the needed years of experience in this regard and will continue to make steady onward advancement in the online grocery market.


So when next you want to go shopping for groceries, how about checking for available stores near you where you can simply place orders and have them delivered to you in a short period of time? That’s what e-marketing is all about!

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