Whatsapp Officially Launches Business Mobile App For Small Business Owners

Imagine an application that allows you set up your business profile while allowing you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of keeping in touch with friends, acquaintances and other business owners! Such is what the Whatsapp Business App helps you achieve.

Whatsapp Business App

Social media enthusiasts and business owners will be thrilled and glad as social media giants, Whatsapp have launched a new app called, Whatsapp Business App specially created for small and medium scale business owners in mind. Though launched in a few markets including Indonesia, Mexico, the United States, United Kingdom and Italy, this app will become available to millions of users all over the world in due course.

Part of its intricate design includes profiles set up mainly for small business owners so they can easily keep in touch with their customers and provide better services for them. The app is available for Android users at the moment and the set up can basically be described as Whatsapp’s version of a Facebook page.

You can download the Whatsapp Business App here

All that is required for business owners using this app is simply their email address, location, and website of the business and a brief description of what the business is all about. The company stated at a press briefing that the Whatsapp Business App will enable people easily identify businesses as most accounts will be categorized into Business Accounts which can eventually become Confirmed Accounts upon verification of the business phone number and that of the user registering the business.

The company also intends to create tools which would be similar to the functions of the Facebook Messenger to enable users to communicate better with their customers. Speculations suggest that in due course an upgrade to the Whatsapp Business App could be made available for larger businesses such as airlines, banks and other electronic commerce companies to have an app that will make it easier for them to also communicate with their customers easily and individually.

Most business owners, especially in South America, are pleased with this development as most communications they have with their customers is via the Whatsapp platform. This development will further enhance and expand the scope of the businesses.

While there is no information as to the availability of a corresponding version for iOs users, this new Mobile App is available to android users in select countries on Google Play Store as a free download.

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However, there is no need to fret as Whatsapp has promised to make the app available to other platforms in due time even though there is no estimated date in mind. Still, there is no doubt that the release of this unique app, the Whatsapp Business App, would greatly improve the outlook for businesses in 2018.

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