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Why And How To Delete – Alternatives

Have you ever logged into your email account and see that you have 100s of unread emails? but as you look closer you realize that the majority of the emails you have received are just newsletters? Well, that happens to a lot of us. You may not want to delete them all because there may be once you may find important.

As a result of these frustrating situations, some third party service tools were introduced. One such tool is
What this tool does basically is to manage your inbox. It accesses your inbox and syncs the messages to their servers eventually reducing clutter from your inbox. A help full tool, yes.

But why do I recommend deleting this useful tool?

Why You Should Delete

The greatest concern with using has to do with privacy. Everyone loves privacy. And as it turned out, there were reports that was packaging and selling customers data and selling them to third party. Still think it’s a good idea to use I don’t think so. According to one report, they were caught selling some user data that had to do with the ride sharing company Lyft to Uber, Lyft’s biggest competitor.

You can read more about those reports from CNet and The New York Times. Though they never admitted to selling user data, they did acknowledge they haven’t been ”explicit enough” in explaining their terms of service.

How To Delete Account

There are two ways to achieve this. It can be done from your Gmail account and/or your account.Why delete unroll me

Method one

  • Using your web browser visit
  • Login with your details
  • Click on your username at the top right
  • Then click settings
  • Scroll down to and click delete my account
  • Click the drop-down menu and select a reason for deleting
  • Hit ‘delete’ again.

Method two

  • From your web browser visit
  • Login with the details of the account you want to revoke unrolls me access to.
  • Click ‘connected apps and sites’ under ‘sign-in and security’.
  • Manage apps
  • Find unroll me and click expand, then remove.

That’s all about how to delete account, but what are the alternatives?

Alternatives to may have been a very useful tool but everyone loves privacy.
You can always unsubscribe manually from those news letters you are no longer interested in. Or better still you can utilize some of googles wonderful features like:

Infinite Gmail addresses and filters: With this tool, you can create variations of your Gmail username and use them to sign up for newsletters. The benefit is that you can filter the emails sent to that version of your address, and even skip the inbox altogether if you wish.

Gmail Unsubscriber: With this tool, you can simply file the emails you no longer want to receive under ”unsubscribe” label. And you will be unsubscribed. This will be logged in to your google sheets document. You can follow labnol’s guide to set it up.

Protect your privacy and that of your friends and family by sharing this information.

12 thoughts on “Why And How To Delete – Alternatives”

  1. Great post. I am flooded by newsletters I have never ordered! Will try the unsubscriber tools…Are there other tools besides gmail with better privacy policies?

    1. Well, yes there are. But like all third party apps, there will be privacy issues, which is why I recommend just the gmail unsubscriber. But if I find more reliable ones I’ll be sure to let you know.

  2. Thanks for providing this information. It’s difficult to discern, sometimes, what could or could not be a scam. I really like that you provided alternatives to using this service.

  3. Honestly, 98% of my emails are spam related which just irks me to no end! I have been manually unsubscribing to as many as I can but it doesn’t seem to help much. I also try unsubscribing on my iPhone with the unsubscribe button. I think I might need to give a try! Thanks!

    1. That’s if you are willing to risk the privacy issues. I recommend the alternatives…gmail unsubscriber.

  4. That’s unfortunate that this tool is not very safe to use. It has good concept but as you point out privacy matters a lot and should be taken seriously. I am checking out the 2 alternatives you discussed up here.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. Wow, I subscribed to and someone was telling me it was probably not great for privacy and I ignored them. Now after reading your blog, I’m going to do it right now and consider your alternatives. Thanks.

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