Nomad Wireless Charger

New Wireless Travel Charger Created By Nomad To Aid Travelers

Have you ever had the discomfort of having to borrow or buy a new charger for your mobile device simply because you had no charger or power bank to charge your mobile device while traveling? How about traveling with a wireless charger?

It would interest you to know that a new innovation to help travelers was recently released on the market by Nomad, a tech company that produces high-end devices. The sleek product, the Wireless charger comes in handy and makes it so much easier to charge your device whenever you need to.

This wireless charger by Nomad has been described as a sleek burger bag designed by someone with a flair for designing luxury automobile interiors. It’s so compact you can place it on your bedside stool or on a table close to you and allow it charge away. The top of the hub holds the charging pad and all you need to do is simply to place your phone in the middle of the device and it’s good to go. The charging pad supports devices that allow about 7.5w such as iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 plus respectively.

The device also has USB ports which allow you to charge multiple devices at a time. For instance, it has a USB-C port that allows 3A output charge, 2.4A USB-A charging port for your iPad, and two other spaces for your iPod’s.

Nomads wireless travel charger comes with a 1.2meter power cable which connects to the wall plug to give the hub its combined 30W max output and a rubberized footing that gives it a stable stickiness on almost any surface. There’s a matte rubber ring on top, too, which is great for the iPhone X and 8, and this can allow it slide gradually off even on non-stick surfaces, even if the devices are seemingly lying perfectly flat on the hub.

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This new wireless charger which costs only $80 will make your traveling experience a whole lot interesting as you do not need to carry many wires and clutter your self. Rest assured that your charging needs are taken care of while on the move once you have this unique innovative charger.

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